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Village Squares Quilters - Past Programs

  MONTH_YEAR   Program Speaker Program Topic
August 1, 2009
July 1, 2009
June 1, 2009End of year Luncheon
May 1, 2009Diane SchneckMontage of My Work
April 1, 2009Kathryn Rippeteau Greenwold from Niskayuna, NYEmbellishment Techniques and Trunk Show
March 1, 2009Lacey June Hill, from Golden Thyme Designs"It All Began as a Rectangle"
February 1, 2009Eleanor Levie“Quilters Who Dared”
January 1, 2009Mary Anne Ciccotelli, Teri Lucas, Marlys Klein, Jeri RiggsMember-Teach-Member
December 1, 2008Anna Faustino “New Weaving Techniques and Trunk Show”
November 1, 2008Georgia HellerTrunk Show and Lecture
October 1, 2008Cathy JohnstonChallenge Quilts: viewer’s choice judging
September 1, 2008Cathy Johnston“Make Your Own Big Board”,“How to Make a Quilt Sleeve”[Teri Lucas],“Quilt Trivia”
August 1, 2008
July 1, 2008
June 1, 2008End of year Luncheon
May 1, 2008Karen EckmeierCollage Creations
April 1, 2008Cathleen DaviesApplique Yourself - Album Quilts
March 1, 2008Sue Ellen RomanowskiTrunk Show
February 1, 2008Liz Wighton - scrap quilts, Marlys Klein - hand quilting, jerry Riggs - Fancy Finishing, Mary Anne Ciccotelli,Bernice Ward, Teri Lucas - Quilt Doctors for UFSs, Cecelia Leiseroff - Scrap art quilt picturesSit and Stitch
January 1, 2008
December 1, 2007Pati Violick, Marcus BrothersConcept to Completion
November 1, 2007Jane DavilaDiscovering Found Objects
October 1, 2007Carole HoffmanQuilting in Circles
September 1, 2007Cathy JohnstonThere’s no such thing as an Ugly Fabric
August 1, 2007
July 1, 2007
June 1, 2007End of year Luncheon
May 1, 2007John Lappe, the owner of Museum Quality in PeekskilThe Care and Cleaning of Fragile and Museum Pieces ... archival storage boxes and materials
April 1, 2007Susan Schrott"IMAGES OF WOMEN" - a journey through her life as a textile artist
March 1, 2007Patti RabeTrunk show - Off the walls, Off the beds, and Out of the closets!
February 1, 2007Wacky Wheel Chair DayBags for Burke Rehab Center
January 1, 2007Melanie DarensodUnderground Railroad Code Quilts
December 1, 2006Mary Anne CiccotelliCherry Snow Men - mini workshop
November 1, 2006Maxine OliverTrunk Show
October 1, 2006Bonnie TurnerFrom Fantasy to Reality - Thread, Trim, Whatever
September 1, 2006Jeannie Hering CampbellFabric Treatments
August 1, 2006
July 1, 2006
June 1, 2006End of year Luncheon
May 1, 2006Karen Dever You've Come a Long Way Baby
April 1, 2006Benedicte Caneill A Journey in Fabric, Thread, Ribbons, Beads and Beyond!
March 1, 2006Mary Anne Ciccotelli Triangle Mania
February 1, 2006VSQ members will be sharing THEN and NOW quilts Our Love Affair with Quilts
January 1, 2006Film The Great American Quilt Revival
December 1, 2005Member Demos Cecelia L. - Collage under netting, Sonia Reiber - Fused flower, Jean Sparacin - Pin Weaving, Millie Speciale - Organized crazy quilt, Roberta - Needleturn applique
November 1, 2005Patti Shreiner "Kitchen Gadgets as Quilting Tools"
October 1, 2005Jeri Riggs The Joy of Quilting:  Trunk show
September 1, 2005Mary Anne Ciccotelli Fabric Frolics - Quilt Olympics
August 1, 2005
July 1, 2005
June 1, 2005End of year Luncheon
May 1, 2005Elizabeth RosenbergMy Love Affair with the Flowing Line
April 1, 2005
March 1, 2005
February 1, 2005
January 1, 2005
December 1, 2004
November 1, 2004
October 1, 2004
September 1, 2004
August 1, 2004
July 1, 2004
June 1, 2004Annual Luncheon
May 1, 2004Kathleen DaviesAnonymous and I: Finishing Old Quilt Tops
April 1, 2004Barbara Baume, Apple Valey Quilters, Southport CtWhat Was She Thinking
March 1, 2004hands on skills mini workshops
February 1, 2004Mary Anne CiccotelliMy Heritage: Five Generations of Quilters
January 1, 2004Janet BrodieString Piecing [Machine Satin Stitch, Appliqué]
December 1, 2003Melanie NormanThe Zen of Quilting [workshop Beginning Crazy Quilting]
November 1, 2003Betty PillsburyCrazy Quilting and Embellishments [Barbara Crane Landscape Appliqué Workshop]
October 1, 2003Barbara CraneShadow Quilting (
September 1, 2003George SicillianoThis Guy Must Be Nuts miniature quilts [ Amazing log cabins - George and Virginia Sicilliano workshop]
August 1, 2003
July 1, 2003
June 1, 2003Annual Luncheon
May 1, 2003Ollie GriffinThe History of Quiltihng [Trish Hodge Quilting with Batik workshop]
April 1, 2003Barbara Baume, Apple Valey Quilters, Southport CtWhat Was She Thinking [Judy Doenas WorkshopPeek and Seek quilt]
March 1, 2003Barbara McKieExperimental Quilting (
February 1, 2003Paula NadelsternSymmetry and Surprise: The Kaleidoscope as Design Inspiration
January 1, 2003Janet BrodieTips for Quilters
December 1, 2002Judy Doenias, quilt maker and teacherOut of the Closet - Why it's OK to have it full of UFOs
November 1, 2002Trish HodgeQuilting with Batiks
October 1, 2002Pati ShambaughBorder Quilting - workshop Patis[hexagons and diamonds]
September 1, 2002Bea GoodmanDimensional Piecing A Quilt is Not Just a Flat Piece of Fabric
August 1, 2002
July 1, 2002
June 1, 2002Annual Luncheon
May 1, 2002VSQ mini workshops: Maryanne Ciccotelli, Eva Humbach, Maxine Oliver, Kendell Storm, Janet Brodie, Abby ShipperEnglish paper piecing; hand quilting; fabric fish catnip top; decorative tacking; foundation paper piecing
April 1, 2002Betsy Stern, trunk showTRUNK SHOW THREE_PEAT
March 1, 2002Karen EckmeierLayered Curved Piecing: Permanent Waves
February 1, 2002VSQ Basting Party; Jennifer O'Brien of JTTradingSpray and Baste Blast
January 1, 2002Valerie ClarkThe Red Berets Exhibit - 9 quilts - women of the labor movement
December 1, 2001Abby ShipperAbby's Magical Mystery Meeting
November 1, 2001Janet BrodieMore than you ever wanted to know about needles and threads
October 1, 2001Sandra Dorrbecker, quilt designer, teacher, and judgeWorking from the inside Out
September 1, 2001Judy Doenias, quilt maker and teacherOut of the Closet - Why it's good to have UFOs
August 1, 2001
July 1, 2001
June 1, 2001Annual Luncheon
May 1, 2001
April 1, 2001Rita Marx, FIT textile conservatorPlan for Preservation
March 1, 2001Joan Jones, VSQ, Quilt TeacherThe First Ten Years
February 1, 2001Barbara PowersReversible Squares
January 1, 2001VSQ Fashion Show and Extended Show and Tell
December 1, 2000Mini Workshops, Slide show and Fabric SwapQuilts in the Great American Quilt Extravaganza in Paducah, Ky 1998
November 1, 2000Johanna Lodda, Mamaroneck HS Audlt Ed TeacherReversible appliqué
October 1, 2000Quilt Show Final Arrangements
September 1, 2000
August 1, 2000VACATION
July 1, 2000VACATION
June 1, 2000Annual Luncheon
May 1, 2000Ollie GriffinStack and Whack II - Variations
April 1, 2000Virginia Avery, wearabke art artistQuilted Clothing Designs
March 1, 2000Meg Moar, Trunk ShowMiniature Quilts
February 1, 2000VSQ Members Demos:Marlys Klein, Carole Hoffman, Maxine Oliver, Marilyn Grosso, Jeri RigsEnglish piecing; Jacket; Smocking; How to make flowers; Square and 1/2 Square
January 1, 2000Pat Yasmin, NYC Quilters Behind the Big Apple Doors
December 1, 1999Dorothy Scalice Trunk Show
November 1, 1999Janet BrodieHow to Create a Serape Quilt - Variable Star
October 1, 1999Ann Lainhart, The Quilted Gallery, Laucester, MATrunk Show Chinese Lattice
September 1, 1999Adrienne Yorich, Mothern Star GuildQuilting as Illustration
August 1, 1999VACATION
July 1, 1999VACATION
June 1, 1999Annual Luncheon
May 1, 1999Kay Lukasko, teacher, lecturere, judgeTrunk Show Complete and Incompletes
April 1, 1999Betty KiserThe Path Less Travelled, The Path Beyond
March 1, 1999
February 1, 1999Pat Yasmin, NYC Quilters Come Quilt with Me
January 1, 1999Maxine Oliverappliqué Techniques
December 1, 1998Betsy Stern, quilt collectorDisplay of collection
November 1, 1998Bonnie Lyn McCafferyKaleidoscope Quilts and the Many Possibilities
October 1, 1998Quilt Show Final Arrangements
September 1, 1998Ollie GriffinStack and Whack Techniques
August 1, 1998VACATION
July 1, 1998VACATION
June 1, 1998Annual Luncheon
May 1, 1998Janet BrodiePlaying with Blocks turning random blocks and UFOs into quilts
April 1, 1998Dorothy BasselmanAmong the Amish Today
March 1, 1998Carol Ann Grotrian, Ma.Hand-dyed Shibori in quilted landscapes
February 1, 1998Randy FrostPaper Bag Workshop collage techniques
January 1, 1998member demo, problem solving and new toolsSit and Stitch
December 1, 1997Diane Rode SchneckConfessions of a Phabric Phantom
November 1, 1997Ollie GriffinSymmetry
October 1, 1997Charlotte Agnotti, VA. Beach, Va.Why Aren't You Making More Quilts?
September 1, 1997Anna maria TucherScrap Talk
August 1, 1997
July 1, 1997
June 1, 1997Annual Luncheon
May 1, 1997Janet BrodieThe Physics of Quiltmaking: How understanding your quilt materials can make your quilt construction easier and better
April 1, 1997Connie FraserFrom Tradition to Innovation
March 1, 1997PatchesCrazy Quilts - hands on workshop
February 1, 1997Lauran Fowks, Northern Star, trunk showQuilted Landscapes
January 1, 1997Margit Echols, mini workshopMagic Triangels
December 1, 1996demos VSQ Nancy Ciegal, jeri Riggs, Jaime Echt; Northern Star: Susie Anderson, Meg Moab English paper piecing; paper piecing; silk ribbon embroidery, crazy quilts; penny rugs
November 1, 1996Angela KaemnSources of Inspiration
October 1, 1996Boutique items priced, exhibiting quilts, job descriptions
September 1, 1996Arlene Sklar - WeinsteinThrough the Layers
August 1, 1996
July 1, 1996
June 1, 1996Annual Luncheon
May 1, 1996Sandra Townsend Donabed, fiber artist and quilterDiversions of a Quilt Maker - Real artists don’t do housework
April 1, 1996Virginia Avery, trunk showWearable Art
March 1, 1996Lynn KoughStretching Tradition: New Images for Traditional Quilts
February 1, 1996Ruth McDowellNature in Quilts
January 1, 1996cancelled due to weather
December 1, 1995Jeri RiggsSit and Stitch
November 1, 1995Patricia RogersMachine Embroidery Techniques
October 1, 1995Alex Dupré, Trunk ShowInnovative quilts and garments Just Call Me Alex
September 1, 1995Mickey LawlerHand painted babrics and use in quilts
August 1, 1995
July 1, 1995
June 1, 1995Annual Luncheon
May 1, 1995Ollie GriffinQuilting Design by Computer
April 1, 1995Paula NadelsternQuilt-o-rama Game
March 1, 1995Emiko Todo LoebReversible Log Cabin Technique
February 1, 1995Marguerite Ann MalwitzQuilted Vistas
January 1, 1995Nancy MirmanChoosing Fabrics for Quilts or Help! There are 500 Bolts of green and I need only one.
December 1, 1994Gloria HartleyUse of Quilting Stencils
November 1, 1994Judy Doenias, Museum of American Folk ArtTesselations
October 1, 1994Pat MaurerPaper Piecing Techniques
September 1, 1994Marion HenrionTracing evolution as a quilter over last 18 years
August 1, 1994
July 1, 1994
June 1, 1994 Annual Luncheon [By-Laws Amendment]
May 1, 1994 James Prather, Middletown, NY, trunk showAn Enthusiastic Quilter
April 1, 1994 Bingo in Quilters LingoQuilts and Q &A
March 1, 1994 Sally Field200 Years of New England Quilts
February 1, 1994Yashiko Kurihara; Margaret McTigue, Anne TompkinsProblem solving session
January 1, 1994Abby ShipperUsing photos in quilts
December 1, 1993Judy DalesColor selection method Color and Design
November 1, 1993Leslie Levison, trunk showThe tatooed maiden: embellished quilts up close
October 1, 1993Diane Rode SchneckIntroduction to String Quilting
September 1, 1993Margit Echols, mini workshopStar of the East
August 1, 1993
July 1, 1993
June 1, 1993 Annual Luncheon
May 1, 1993 Marjorie NezimYo-yos - clothing and accessories
April 1, 1993 Barbara Barber, trunk showBroderie perse & Progressive Quilt The Good Old Summer Time started rounds
March 1, 1993 hands on workshopTulip Time = Springtime
February 1, 1993Barbara Markel, Ida Rovegno, Pat WaillProblem solving session
January 1, 1993Marjorie NezimYo-yos - clothing and accessories
December 1, 1992Demos VSQQ: Nancy Siegal, Janet Brodie, PatWaill, Margaret McTigue, Harriet Sedgwick, Teresa Reilly, Barbara Markel [Application for Tax exempt Status]English piecing, stained glass, hand piecing, folded star, appliqué, flexicurve, basic star
November 1, 1992Jill LiddellTraditional Japanese Quilts
October 1, 1992Margaret Mc TigueSeeking tax exempt status for the guild
September 1, 1992Joyce Murrin workshopInnovative Quilting Design
August 1, 1992
July 1, 1992
June 1, 1992 Annual Luncheon
May 1, 1992 Margit Eschols workshopGeometry for Quilters
April 1, 1992 [VSQ Logo First time] Sewing boutique items
March 1, 1992 Judy Doenias, Empire Quilters GuildBending the Log
February 1, 1992Leda Kahn, Janet Brodie, and Terry ReillyProblem solving session
January 1, 1992Terry ReillyQuilts from the 19th and 20th centuries - antique, family, and own quilts; How quilts played a role in women's lives ( Red Cross, Civil War, and WWII)
December 1, 1991Joan CrawfordStained Glass
November 1, 1991Mini demos: Janet Brodie, Pauline Miccio, Catherine Smith, Anne Tompkins, Marlys Klein, Pat MaurerPotholders, placemats, cosmetic kit, crazy quilt xmas ornaments, baby bells, jewelry bag
October 1, 1991Carter Houck, editor Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts Magazine[Designs including Quilters in logo requested]
September 1, 1991hands on projectSwedish Hearts
August 1, 1991
July 1, 1991
June 1, 1991 Annual Luncheon
May 1, 1991 Janet BrodieSeminole piecing ideas and project demo
April 1, 1991 Helene Fendelman, quilt appraiser and columnistWhat's it worth?
March 1, 1991 [community service begun with Baby Quilts]
February 1, 1991Betsy Stern, collector and lover of quilts [Amendment to By-laws]
January 1, 1991VSQ grabbag of demos: Leda Hahn, Pat Waill, Marlys Klein, Caryl Ergan, Pat MauerBorders, hand piecing, appliqué, double-sided quilt, quilting in a hoop
December 1, 1990Report from the show committee
November 1, 1990Paula NadelsternSelecting Fabrics for your quilts
October 1, 1990Quilt Show Final Arrangements
September 1, 1990Mimi Sherman, Museum of American Folk Art, FIT
August 1, 1990
July 1, 1990
June 1, 1990 Show and Tell
May 1, 1990 Tina Gravitt, PhiladelphiaMiniature Quilts
April 1, 1990 Expanded Show and Tell Problem solving session for Celtic and Hawaiian Appliqué
March 1, 1990 Joan CrawfordCeltic Appliqué
February 1, 1990Pat Baker, hands onCrazy Quilts - hands on workshop
January 1, 1990VideoAmerican Quilting Society Annual Show in Padukah, Ky Spring '89
December 1, 1989Sandy Cinfo, hands onCathedral Window Holiday Ornament
November 1, 1989Terry ReillyHand piecing seminar for holiday; assembling quilt squares for the club quilt
October 1, 1989Anita Wellings, Faifield IndustriesChoosing batting; wearable art - Houston fashion show
September 1, 1989Paula NadelsternQuilting Together - rescheduled
August 1, 1989
July 1, 1989
June 1, 1989 Joan CrawfordHawaiian Appliqué and Quilting
May 1, 1989 Paula NadelsternQuilting Together
April 1, 1989 Terry ReillyThe Ultimate Nine Patch
March 1, 1989 VSQ membersOur Grandmothers' Quilts - Quilts from the 1930s
February 1, 1989Film; Terry ReillyA Stitch for Time - mothers in Boise, Idaho; Quilt clinic
January 1, 1989Quilting Bee with Frames
December 1, 1988Modern Day Santa ClausHow he commissioned 2 quilts for his wife
November 1, 1988Terry ReillyCharm/ Scrap Quilt Demo and fabric trade
October 1, 1988Sue RogersThe Fine Art of Hand Quilting
September 1, 1988Betty GoodfriendFabric and Paraphenalia sale and expanded show and tell
August 1, 1988
July 1, 1988
June 1, 1988 Vivian FrigerioInside Scoop on Dolls
May 1, 1988 Terry ReillyMiniature Quilts
April 1, 1988 Joan Johnson, Quilters' PeaceLatest quilting ideas and supplies
March 1, 1988 Colette Laico, curatorHastings Quilt Show - behind the scenes
February 1, 1988Film - based on Pat Ferrero's bookHearts and Hands: A Social History of 19th Century Women and their Quilts
January 1, 1988Colette Laico, curatorslides and last year's Hastings quilt show
December 1, 1987Emiko Toda Loebslides and quilt display - new, antique, Japanese fabrics
November 1, 1987Joan Johnson, Quilter's Peace in Garrisonnew ideas and techniques
October 1, 1987Sandra Cinfo, Sewing Emporiumcreative ways of using ribbons
September 1, 1987Boutique - sale of books; show and tell; 9 patch exchange
August 1, 1987
July 1, 1987
June 1, 1987 Vivian FrigerioSlide presentation Quilts from Museum Collections
May 1, 1987 Nigel Noble, film25 Ribbon Segments: Diversity and Unity of Humanity
April 1, 1987 Randy FrostArtist training to quilting, Quilting as an artist
March 1, 1987 Fairfield Procession Co. slide showRoyal Star Fashion Show
February 1, 1987Special show and tell
January 1, 1987Terry ReillyScrap Quilts
December 1, 1986Pat McDermott, Scarsdale Historical SocietySlide presentation of Antique Quilts
November 1, 1986Joanne Kost, [slate of officers presented]A Quilter's Newsletter Magazine's Quilt designer
October 1, 1986Judy Dales, see QNL Feb 1985Slide lecture and display of quilts
September 1, 1986Special show and tell
August 1, 1986
July 1, 1986
June 1, 1986 Alice DokkinMaking Tote Bags
May 1, 1986 Slide presentationAntique Quilts from DAR Collection
April 1, 1986 Ann ConboyColor and Fabric Selection and Quilting Techniques
March 1, 1986 Galina Mariani, craftswoman and designerpostponed from February
February 1, 1986Galina Mariani, collector and designerShow her quilts as shown in Country Living Dec 1985
January 1, 1986Ginny WatsonVest Making
December 1, 1985Slate of Officers Presented, work on raffle quilt,Betsy Prokop, Quilt Care of Valhallapresentation of antique Quilts
November 1, 1985Terri Reilly WorkshopCreative Holiday Decorations
October 1, 1985Panel of member experts answer questionsProject and Design problems
September 1, 1985Susan Ackerman, mini-workshopappliqué a new technique using freezer paper
August 1, 1985
July 1, 1985
June 1, 1985 Ann Conboy, Cross Patch instructor Color and Fabric Selection
May 1, 1985 [Proposed by laws vote] Betty PyneLap Quilting, Embroidery Stitching
April 1, 1985 [General Foods Trip] Alice Dokken and drawing winning ticket in raffleQuick Piecing
March 1, 1985 Joan Goverman, Leda Kahn, Terri ReillyTools of the Trade demos
February 1, 1985Valentines
January 1, 1985American Crossroads, Scarsdale's new quilt and craft shop
December 1, 1984Hexagons for XMAS ornaments, potholders, etc. & Celtic Quilting
November 1, 1984Sewing Basket Boutique
October 1, 1984Colette Laico, curatorSlide Presentation
September 1, 1984Elaine ThorndikeAntique Quilts
August 1, 1984 Hands on work sessions
July 1, 1984 Hands on work sessions
June 1, 1984 Carol GlickenhausMalas from the San Blas Islands [collection Political, Religious, Native, and Burial]
May 1, 1984
April 1, 1984 Betsy SternAntique Quilts from DAR Collection
March 1, 1984
February 1, 1984
January 1, 1984
December 1, 1983
November 1, 1983
October 1, 1983
September 1, 1983
August 1, 1983
July 1, 1983
June 1, 1983
May 1, 1983
April 1, 1983
March 1, 1983
February 1, 1983
January 1, 1983