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Latest News

May Show and Tell from Alice Clague's Photos are online HERE!

April Show and Tell from Alice Clague's Photos are online HERE!

March Show and Tell from Alice Clague's Photos are online HERE!
Sorry for the delay.

February Show and Tell from Alice Clague's photos are online HERE!

January Show and Tell from Alice Clague's photos are online HERE!

November Show and Tell from Alice Clague's November Photos are online HERE!

Blank Fabric Donation to VSQ

Mitchell Blank of Blank Fabrics, our incredible source for quilt fabrics, has sold the business and the contents of the NJ warehouse. Blank Fabrics will no longer be making quilting fabric. The good new for the short term at least is that the entire contents of the Irvington office, described as a small quilt shop, will be going to VSQ. And here are Alice Clague's photos of the dedicated VSQ members helping Susan Wolman with the move. Thanks to all who participated in this Hot Day of Moving! And special thanks to Mitchel Blank.

VSQ has a PO BOX

Please direct mail to Village Squares Quilters, PO Box 75-H, Scarsdale, NY 10583.

Quilt Show Flyer

Here is this year's quilt show flyer

Show and Tell Photos from June Meeting

Please check out the VSQ June 2014 Show and Tell Quilt photos

"A Quinquagenarian's Quilt Quest - Five Decades of Quilting"

At the May Quilt meeting, Mary Anne Ciccotelli presented her quest. Alice Clague's photos capture some of the excitement. AND ... Mary Anne's website has more (

Show and Tell for May

Please check out the VSQ May 2014 Show and Tell Quilt photos and all the others linked from the Show and Tell page.

New Member Photos online

Three new members in 2014 are now in the membership booklet which is accessible from the About Us page and from the Members Only Forms page.

Hope's Door Quilt Presentation

Twenty (20) Hope's Door quilts were presented to it representative, Diane, before the meeting.

See photos of the presentation as well as Show and Tell Photos for March 2014.

Show and Tell - February

You can see photos of the quilts from the February meeting that Alice took here.

Show and Tell from January 2014 Meeting

You can see photos of the quilts from the January meeting that Alice took here.

Bedford Babies Request

VSQ Members who have extra baby/children's fabric, would you consider donating some to the Bedford Babies? We need white, pink, yellow (soft and bright) greens, reds and only blues that have a large print. We can use large pieces for backs and borders: (backs are 45 x 33) (borders are 4½ x 45) and for 6½ squares. There should be enough fabric to cut at least 4 squares. Please, just baby or children's fabric.

It would be a great help if the fabric is washed and pressed but we will appreciate any donation.
Many thanks.
Maureen Carline


Postponed until November, to see if more items are added. Remember, item can be from your own area and not necessarily from distant places.


  • For November meeting, please make 12 1/2" squares of purple and white-on-white fabric.
  • For December meeting, when we will be putting together outreach quilts, 6 1/2" squares of solid color fabrics would be appreciated, to pair with contributed print fabrics.
  • Please check your stash for fabrics suitable for our outreach programs. It will help the budget.


Barbara Wexler, raffle quilt chair, would appreciate fat quarters of Asian fabrics for the raffle "kimono quilt." Barbara also issued a call for volunteers.


Jane Davila presented a stimulating array of techniques and media for making art quilts at the October meeting. Among them,

  • Painting on fabric (paint sticks are user friendly and a lot of fun, e.g., for a look of applique or rubbings).
  • Using foil, crystals, beads, charms.
  • Image transfer.

In November, Sunny Saylor will be the speaker, followed the next day by a "Sexy-Hexy" table runner workshop at Rhona Hiney's house from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Sunny will bring special fabric to choose from, and participant can look forward to completing a table runner.

Approved VSQ Board Meeting Minutes

The VSQ Board Meeting Minutes that have been approved are now online in the members only section of the website just above the VSQ Newsletters.

From Pat Julian

Today, I "bravely" demo'd how I end binding....thankfully, all went well and Susan then practiced by successfully ending the binding on one of her quilts!.
The members only linked PDF "Final Join for Double Fold Binding" is the handout provided.

Show and Tell Photos

October Show and Tell Photos have been added to the website. Alice Clague provided these.

Show and Tell Photos

September 2013 Photographer - Sheryl Fleishaker has provided September's Show and Tell photos. Thank you, Sheryl! Great work!

Approved VSQ Board Meeting Minutes

The VSQ Board Meeting Minutes that have been approved are now online in the members only section of the website just above the VSQ Newsletters.


Pat Julian and Maxine Shaines have chosen to demonstrate how to finish off quilt binding professionally as the first technique session. Join us in October at 10:30am.


If you purchased a small item that you would like to donate to the "auction" while on vacation this summer, just put it in a bag, saying where you found it, and bring it in October. Contact is Cary Lou Canfield.


Outreach is planning to expand to more recipients. Rhona Hiney asks members to make 12½ inch squares in blue and white-on-white fabric. Pattern can be anything you like.


Plans for next year's show are underway. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteers and all are invited to join in. Contact is Deb Uhlfelder.


Tips for stimulating quilt design from September's guest, John Kubiniec:

  • Look around at colors and shapes (buildings, street pavements, subway tiles, etc.)
  • Take two traditional blocks and do something with them (this from the McCall's challenge that he won)
   In October, the speaker will be Jane Davilla.

Sit 'n Sew to begin at new time

Pat Julian and Maxine Shaines will be leading the Sit ‘n Sew Sessions this guild year. The first get together will be at the Tuesday Sep 17 meeting beginning at 10:30 am. Please join us and bring a project to work on or might want advice on – or just join us to sit and get to know members better.
At times during this year we plan to hold a “technique tips” demonstration during the Sit ‘n Sew session. The quilting-related topic and date will be announced ahead of time so all who are interested can attend.

From Cathy Johnston

from cindy of
We are very excited about your taking part in our promotion for The Quilt Pattern Magazine and especially pleased to give your guild members a free, introductory subscription.
This is what your members need to know to obtain their free subscriptions.
This offer is for new TQPM subscribers only and expires on November 30, 2013.

New Board Elected June 2013

Please check out the About Us page and volunteer to Susan Wolman for the position you want.