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Community Outreach Projects

Bedford Babies - at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills, NY is a maximum security prison for women. Within the facility, there is a very special program called The Children’s Center for inmates who are pregnant upon incarceration and are serving short sentences for lesser crimes, usually drug-related. These inmates are housed in a separate building from the “general population” and are allowed to keep their babies with them until the age of 12 – 18 months, at which point the mother has completed her sentence and they both go home. The mothers attend classes in parenting, vocation, GED; some are beginning college classes.

Our quilting program is called “Bedford Babies”. Five of our members volunteer at The Children’s Center teaching the mothers to make quilts for their babies. Many mothers are bitten by the quilting bug and progress to larger and more elaborate quilts. Scissors are not allowed within the center, so other Guild members pre-cut fabric for the quilts. The mothers at the Center have made well over one thousand quilts in all the years that we have been involved since 1997.

Latest News from Bedford Babies

From: Mary Anne Byrnes
Subject: Bedford Hills prison celebrates 20 years of inmate quilting program

Bedford Hills prison celebrates 20 years of inmate quilting program

A Westchester prison has spent 20 years keeping imprisoned mothers connected to their children through a special program.
Bedford Hills Correctional Facility has offered the Bedford Babies Quilting Program for two decades, where inmates learn the skill from members of the Village Square Quilters in Scarsdale.
MORE: Bedford Hills prison celebrates anniversary of quilt program
Several inmates stitch together quilts for their infants. Lindsay Landon made two quilts for her 10-month-old son Gabriel, who she had while she was an inmate.
The program teaches how to quilt without machines. Instead, the Scarsdale quilters bring everything they need to do it by hand.
Over the past 20 years, inmates at Bedford Hills have made over 2,500 quilts.

Westchester News12 image.

Bedford Babies Quilts - 2017

Attached are three photos of quilts made by the mothers in the Nursery Quilting program that we run at Bedford Correctional Facility. We are not allowed to take our own photos but they have been kind enough to send us three so that we may show you what your donations have produced. As you can see, the mothers create their own designs from the squares we bring in. They sew the entire quilt by hand and we also teach them tying to finish the quilt. Some of the women have embellished their quilts with hearts, and with quilted stitches. We have even had a few who want to continue quilting when they are released. Bedford Babies Quilts 2017 Bedford Babies Quilts 2017 Bedford Babies Quilts 2017

Donation Received - 2010

The Hudson Valley Bank has send VSQ a check for $250 as a donation to the prison program. Once again we thank them for their generous support!

Volunteers are needed to continue this worthwhile effort. Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays for the Prison Committee.

Bedford Babies at XMAS
Bedford Babies at XMAS

Prep Session for Bedford Babies
Prep Session for Bedford Babies

Read the article in NQA Summer 2009 about the grant that Bedford Babies received ...
VSQ receives grant from NQA for Bedford Babies Program
Click to read article

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilts.  We can tell that each one 
was made with extraordinary love and care.  We are delighted to be the 
recipient of such labors of love."
Mary Bostwick
Nursery Manager
Bedford Babies Thank You 2010